Zine Meet, 2017


ZINE MEET: where both artists and non-artists* gather to make something together.

Continuing OIC Singapore’s (Organisation of Illustrators Council) tradition of inclusiveness through creative art processes, participants need only bring themselves and their own drawing/writing tools (optional) for some lo-fi magik to take shape and form.

In a highly structured and goal-oriented environment like Singapore, ZINE MEET strives for a space where organicity, openness and oddities be celebrated for the soul in us to thrive bigger, warmer and brighter. Each ZINE MEET has a different activity, theme and materials, so participants can meet again in the next rounds, for new exploration and engagement. It is a characteristic of ZINE MEET I want to very much strive for, to welcome new participants, to continually engage and keep-the-doors-opened for returning participants, and for all of us to experience the many ways of making zines together.

Zine Meet #1, May 2017 (Click to see what was made)
Zine Meet # 2, June 2017 (Click to see what was made)
Zine Meet #3, July 2017 (Click to see what was made)